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Something I have noticed is more and more is that website designers are promoting their websites as “Search Engine Friendly”

But the real question is what is the difference between “Search Engine Friendly” and “Search Engine Optimisation”, are they the same thing? Will they give the same results?

Search Engine Friendly means that the website that will designed will be coded correctly this includes putting META tag information on the Page, using titles, H1 Tags and ALT tags, this means that technically the coding of the website is in a way the search engine will like.

Search Engine Optimisation means that research will be completed on your keywords to find the best words to use, your website will be optimised for these keywords and optimised both on-site and -offsite. This technique means that your website will tweaked to get the most visitors for you business and work will be completed “off-site” to promote your website including link building and marketing.

So as you can see Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Optimisation are two totally different things and it is important you understand the difference between the two.

Really if you are concerned about being listed on search engines you should impliment your search engine optimisation strategy from the start, this way all pages will be correctly titled and all navigation will be correct and will save the job being done twice.

It suprises me time after time that new businesses in particular look for the cheapest website package when it comes to investing in a website.

I see it time after time a new business has got their website online it has 3 pages.

2. About Us
3, Contact Us

Time for the orders to role in, but as time goes on the realise that the phone isn’t ringing and often come to the conclusion that a website isn’t a good form of advertising for them, when in real terms the search engines don’t even know their site exists never mind gives them a listing.

I blame the website design companies for this, really they should find out their customers needs, and give them a website that will fit their needs and that includes providing SEO services or recommending the services of an SEO company.

I know if a small business owner is reading this they are thinking but that sounds like it could cost a lot. That is where you are going wrong a website should not be looked at as a cost it should be looked at an investment and as such a Return On Investment should be calculated, your website should bring in more money than it costs you. Afterall if you buy a website that can’t be found and is meant to bring in sales perhaps the money would be better spent on another form of advertising.

Everybody wants to save money and get the best deal offer and sometimes it isn’t about price – next time you are looking for a website designer, look into what they will really be giving you and make sure that it will forfill your needs

Before a site appears on the search engines, the search engines must look at a website and decide if it should be listed or indexed as the search engines call it. Until a page has been indexed it cannot appear on the search engines results pages.

There are two ways you can get the search engines to learn about your new website:

The first way is NOT the best or quickest way to get your website indexed. The first way is to submit your website using online forms on the search engines, you would think that going direct is a sure way of getting found quickly however as the search engines work on a voting based systems where links count as votes your direct request is put at the back of the queue.

The second way is becoming the favourite amongst SEO’s and website designers. This method is letting the search engines find your site on it’s own! This doesn’t mean you don’t do any work this means that you will get people to link to your website, not only does this method start your SEO campaign but also means that the search engines will index your site faster as they are already visiting these sites and will follow the link back to your site.

You can also create various sitemaps the most popular is using Google Webmaster Tools, however this does not speed up the process and just tells Google of all the pages on your site in case it cant see some of them for a particular reason.

You can tell the search engines not to index pages if you don’t want them to using the robots.txt file.

Your website is the face of your company and is a reflection of you and your business, so having a good website design and website designer is so important.

When designing your website the first thing to look at is navigation, you want to make sure that once people are on your website they will be able to find the information they are looking for.

Take time to look at your competitors as doing, work out what they are doing well, what they are doing bad and what you can do to make your website better.

Remember when someone visits a website they have a goal in mind, that may be finding information, or purchasing a product, or finding out about your business. Make sure that your visitors can get what they want and can find it quickly before they look somewhere else.

To make your website more appealing stick to safe colours, colours that most people will like and make the text easy to read.

Visitors tend to scan a webpage rather than read it so things like bullet points can help grab attention so listing your key points as bullets can really help.

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