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Getting Listed in the Search Engines

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Before a site appears on the search engines, the search engines must look at a website and decide if it should be listed or indexed as the search engines call it. Until a page has been indexed it cannot appear on the search engines results pages.

There are two ways you can get the search engines to learn about your new website:

The first way is NOT the best or quickest way to get your website indexed. The first way is to submit your website using online forms on the search engines, you would think that going direct is a sure way of getting found quickly however as the search engines work on a voting based systems where links count as votes your direct request is put at the back of the queue.

The second way is becoming the favourite amongst SEO’s and website designers. This method is letting the search engines find your site on it’s own! This doesn’t mean you don’t do any work this means that you will get people to link to your website, not only does this method start your SEO campaign but also means that the search engines will index your site faster as they are already visiting these sites and will follow the link back to your site.

You can also create various sitemaps the most popular is using Google Webmaster Tools, however this does not speed up the process and just tells Google of all the pages on your site in case it cant see some of them for a particular reason.

You can tell the search engines not to index pages if you don’t want them to using the robots.txt file.


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