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Is it worth having a cheap website?

Posted on: December 20, 2010

It suprises me time after time that new businesses in particular look for the cheapest website package when it comes to investing in a website.

I see it time after time a new business has got their website online it has 3 pages.

2. About Us
3, Contact Us

Time for the orders to role in, but as time goes on the realise that the phone isn’t ringing and often come to the conclusion that a website isn’t a good form of advertising for them, when in real terms the search engines don’t even know their site exists never mind gives them a listing.

I blame the website design companies for this, really they should find out their customers needs, and give them a website that will fit their needs and that includes providing SEO services or recommending the services of an SEO company.

I know if a small business owner is reading this they are thinking but that sounds like it could cost a lot. That is where you are going wrong a website should not be looked at as a cost it should be looked at an investment and as such a Return On Investment should be calculated, your website should bring in more money than it costs you. Afterall if you buy a website that can’t be found and is meant to bring in sales perhaps the money would be better spent on another form of advertising.

Everybody wants to save money and get the best deal offer and sometimes it isn’t about price – next time you are looking for a website designer, look into what they will really be giving you and make sure that it will forfill your needs


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