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Search Engine Friendly vs Search Engine Optimised

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Something I have noticed is more and more is that website designers are promoting their websites as “Search Engine Friendly”

But the real question is what is the difference between “Search Engine Friendly” and “Search Engine Optimisation”, are they the same thing? Will they give the same results?

Search Engine Friendly means that the website that will designed will be coded correctly this includes putting META tag information on the Page, using titles, H1 Tags and ALT tags, this means that technically the coding of the website is in a way the search engine will like.

Search Engine Optimisation means that research will be completed on your keywords to find the best words to use, your website will be optimised for these keywords and optimised both on-site and -offsite. This technique means that your website will tweaked to get the most visitors for you business and work will be completed “off-site” to promote your website including link building and marketing.

So as you can see Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Optimisation are two totally different things and it is important you understand the difference between the two.

Really if you are concerned about being listed on search engines you should impliment your search engine optimisation strategy from the start, this way all pages will be correctly titled and all navigation will be correct and will save the job being done twice.


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